Je suis à la montagne. Comme Neil Young en 1964.

Sugar Mountain est l'une de ses premières chansons, composé à 19 ans. Il faudra attendre 1968 pour la retrouver, joué live à Canterbury House (le live du même nom n'est paru que l'année dernière), du côté d'Ann Arbor et 1977 pour la retrouver sur disque, sur la compilation Decades.

Concernant les paroles, c'est encore Neil qui en parle le mieux (ici dans un bootleg de 1972) :
"I wrote 126 verses to it. Now, you can imagine that I had a lot of trouble figuring out what four verses to use... I was underneath the stairs... Anyway, this verse that I wrote... It was the worst verse of the 126 that I wrote. So, I decided to put it in the song, to just to give everybody a frame of reference as to, you know, what can happen. What I'm trying to say here, by stopping in the middle of the song, and explaining this to you, is that... I think it's one of the lamest verses I ever wrote. And it takes a lotta nerve for me to get up here and sing it in front of you people. But, if when I'm finished singing, you sing the chorus 'Sugar Mountain' super loud, I'll just forget about it right away and we can continue."

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